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We have an international workforce of more than 55,000 colleagues.

We believe that engaged and happy colleagues are key to both superior customer service and our continued success and profitability. With people who believe in our products and services, and the right approach, we will continue to be our customers’ automatic choice for leisure travel.

A diverse organisation

The nature of such a large and global workforce is that it is incredibly diverse. We see strength in this. Only with the input from our varied and inspirational people can we continue to innovate and deliver. We are very clear about the fact that we do not tolerate discrimination on any grounds and our ethos is that opportunities should be equally available to everyone.

  • 24% of our top 250 senior leaders are female

  • 38% of our managers are female

  • We are adopting a policy designed to achieve at least 25% female representation on our Board by 2015

Involvement and communication

We have engaged colleagues with great ideas at TUI Travel and we always strive to involve our people with matters impacting them. Over two-thirds of our businesses receive feedback through employee opinion surveys and the findings form an important strategic tool for our Board and leaders. It ensures that they are provided with honest feedback that can drive business improvements.

People plans key to our strategy and success

The breadth of our organisation brings with it exciting opportunities for career progression, both nationally and internationally. Attracting, retaining and developing talent is vital to our strategy and success. Members of the Group Management Board meet regularly to focus on current capability needs and gain an insight into future skills requirements. This involves discussing current senior vacancies and potential candidates as well as undertaking regular reviews of succession plans.

Leadership capability development

We have a number of business initiatives in place to develop our talent. Horizons is an internal leadership programme aimed at developing potential future, international leaders at TUI Travel. Another exciting programme is the Global Responsible Leadership Programme which has most recently taken place in Thailand. The aim is for selected leaders of TUI Travel to gain further insight into their leadership styles and build contacts across the business whilst, at the same time, making a contribution to a local community.

Attracting and nurturing young talent

We continue to invest in attracting young graduates for both international roles and local source markets. The International Management Graduate Programme is an 18-month experience which is open to outstanding multi-lingual graduates from around the world, giving them unique exposure within TUI Travel. Once in the programme, participants have the choice of a variety of assignments throughout the business which will help develop their skills and experience.

We also have tailored graduate programmes in place at a sector and business level, such as those within TUI UK & Ireland and TUI Deutschland. All are designed to attract and nurture new talent to create TUI Travel’s leaders of the future.