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Meet the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

TUI Travel’s UK airline, Thomson Airways, was the first in the UK to fly the new state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliner as part of its fleet in June 2013, flying from Manchester, East Midlands, Glasgow and Gatwick to Sanford, Florida and Cancun, Mexico.

15 Dreamliners will join the TUI Travel fleet by 2016 with airlines TUIfly Nordic, Arkefly and Jetairfly also taking delivery of this innovative new aircraft.

What’s so special about the Dreamliner?

  • The Dreamliner offers TUI Travel customers a more enjoyable in-flight experience and also brings business benefits as a result of its increased fuel efficiency, using up to 20% less fuel than comparable aircraft.
  • Customers enjoy industry-leading seat pitch in Economy Club seats with 33” or 34” of legroom (more than you get with BA. Virgin, Thomas Cook, bmi and Monarch (BATA 2011)). Premium Club seat pitch of 38” gives customers even more space to relax.
  • The Dreamliner gives our customers more room within the cabin – even at its lowest point, there is more than 6 ft of headroom.
  • The windows on the Dreamliner are 30% larger than the size of normal aircraft windows – so customers get a great view no matter where they are sitting.
  • The cabin pressure is 6000ft instead of 8000ft, which means more oxygen will be absorbed into the blood, so customers will leave the aircraft feeling fresher and less jet lagged.
  • State of the art mood lighting mimics dawn and dusk, meaning customers’ bodies are more in tune with the time of day at their destination.

Take a look at the latest Thomson advert featuring the Dreamliner



Want to find out more?

You can take a video tour of the Dreamliner and watch a ‘behind the scenes’ video of the making of the Thomson advert at holidaysjustgotbetter.co.uk.