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Type of roles

As a company with a global reach we offer an amazing variety of vacancies in the travel industry. With 77,000 people and 220 trusted brands, we cover travel experiences in their entirety with a broad range of roles – both nationally and internationally. So when it comes to your career, the sky really is the limit.

At TUI everyone has a role to play in spreading smiles around the globe. And it’s the people in our offices around the world, whose efforts are helping to make those experiences all the more memorable. It’s their support, vision, strategic thinking and expertise that’s helped us earn the enviable reputation we enjoy today.

Find out more about office vacancies at TUI.

Type of roles


Digital (also known as Ecommerce) at TUI is central to our business. We’re not just online, we’re online-driven. Absolutely, it’s about sales. But it’s also about giving our customers amazing experiences at every stage of their TUI journey - from dreaming, planning and booking a holiday, to pre-departure, experiencing and sharing when they return home.  Digital is critical to all we do, whether we’re capturing consumer insights to provide an intuitive digital ‘search and book’ solution or capitalising on SEM and SEO opportunities.  From highly-tailored email marketing, to engaging social media and inspirational web content – our teams around the world are harnessing all that’s great in the digital arena to provide our customers and partners with a seamless digital experience.

So if you’re looking for digital vacancies in the travel industry, we offer a range of opportunities such as: Online Conversion roles, Web and Marketing Analysts; Online Marketing, Social Media and Paid Search and SEO Executives and Managers; Ecommerce Product Managers; Web Developers and Designers; Project Quality and Performance Marketing Managers; CRM Managers and Ecommerce Directors.


We’re serious about innovation. And nowhere is this more apparent than across our digital offering. That’s why we have dedicated technology teams bringing our digital vision to life, adding commercial value to the business and enriching our customers’ experience every step of the way. From website build and continuity to connecting employees and customers via phone or online information to internal systems - it’s our technical solutions and support that help give us our digital edge. And we’re going from strength to strength.

If you are a graduate, why not consider our UK IT Graduate programme as a gateway into one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups.

So if you’re looking for technology vacancies in the travel industry,  we offer a range of opportunities such as: Programmers; Systems Administration, Architects, Developers, Engineers and Analysts;   IT Project and Service Managers; Application Designers; Team Managers, Heads of Departments and IT Directors; IT Support, IT Operations and Help Desk roles.

Finance and Tax

Let’s just think about it. We have 220 brands and we operate in 180 countries across 31 markets. Managing finance and tax effectively for such a massive organisation is crucially important. Our business is complex and dynamic so our finance and tax teams are integral to our success providing expert advice across the globe. Your expertise will directly help to shape and inform where we’re heading as a company.

If you are a graduate, why not consider our UK Finance Graduate Programme as a gateway into one on the world’s leading leisure travel groups.

So if you’re looking for finance vacancies in the travel industry,  we offer a range of opportunities such as: Accounts Payable roles; General Ledger roles; Financial Controllers; Finance Analysts; Financial Reporting roles; Treasury roles; Financial Accountants; Finance Directors; Tax Advisors; Tax Compliance and  International Tax Executives and Managers.

Insurance, Health & Safety and Legal

When it comes to our Insurance, Health & Safety and Legal teams, their overriding objective is one of protection. Together they protect the interests of our 30 million customers, our people and our businesses. From compensation due to adverse weather conditions, to preparing watertight contracts with suppliers, they advise and guide across the business.

Of utmost importance is our customer’s safety, whether they are simply relaxing at one of our resorts or travelling to the Polar regions with one of our expedition companies. Preventing accidents and incidents not only creates memorable experiences, it also keeps claims and compensation to a minimum. And beyond the moral duty we have to look after our customers, we also have a range of legal, due diligence and regulatory obligations to fulfil. Our Health & Safety teams (both overseas and in our worldwide Head Offices), carry out all of our H&S related work. This includes everything from checking that accommodation, transport and excursion suppliers meet our exacting standards and setting policy, as well as working with our product, purchasing, legal and operational teams to ensure our customers’ Health & Safety is considered at all stages of their holiday journey.

So if you’re looking for insurance, health & safety and legal vacancies in the travel industry, we offer a range of opportunities such as: Assistants; Lawyers; Heads of Department; Insurance Specialists; Health & Safety Advisors, Health & Safety Managers and Coordinators and Health & Safety Compliance staff.  

Sales, Product and Business Development

If we’re going to spread smiles around the globe we need to make sure that we’re providing the right kind of holidays to excite new customers, whilst keeping the loyalty of existing customers. Business Development seeks out new business opportunities across the board – from defining product to increasing sales - whilst Product Development focuses on identifying and developing new travel experiences. As for Sales, well they maximise revenue, build lasting relationships and close the deal. Intrinsically linked, they work closely as a group at the front line of business growth.

So if you’re looking for sales, product and business development vacancies in the travel industry,  we offer a range of opportunities such as: Sales Managers; Market Development Managers;  Distribution Managers; Product Managers; Product Development Managers; Quality Managers; Project Managers; Business Development Analysts, Executives and Managers.

Purchasing, Yield and Pricing

The time our customers spend away is precious. It’s why they expect a lot from us - and rightly so. This is where our Purchasing, Yield and Pricing teams come into their own. It’s their task to secure the best hotels and service providers so that we’re making travel experiences special.  Purchasing strives to achieve the most competitive rates in our desired destinations, whilst Yield and Pricing juggle commerciality with pragmatism so that our customers get great value for money whilst we build a business that’s sustainable.  

So if you’re looking for purchasing, yield and pricing vacancies in the travel industry,  we offer a range of opportunities such as: Contracting and Hotel Contracting Managers; Product Managers; Product Executives, Fuel and Flight Purchasing Managers; Purchasing Managers; Commercial Managers; Yield Executives, Managers and Analysts; Project Managers; Market Analysts; Revenue Executives and Mangers; Pricing Executives and Managers.

General Management

Our industry is intensely competitive. This is why we employ such a talented and passionate group of people that are experts at what they do. So when it comes to inspiring and motivating those people, we need someone particularly special. Our senior leaders not only help design the strategic plan for their respective business, they then need to make it happen. Their expertise is unquestionable, their market-knowledge encyclopaedic and their personalities engaging.

If you are a recent graduate, why not consider our International Graduate Leadership Programme or the Graduate Leadership programme (UK only) as a gateway into one on the world’s leading leisure travel groups.

So if you’re looking for general management vacancies in the travel industry we offer a range of opportunities such as: Heads of Department and Directors and Managing Directors of business areas.

Strategy and Sustainable Development

It’s natural that we want our business to prosper and grow.  In doing so we provide our people with even more career opportunities and we offer customers with ever-better travel experiences. However we aim to do it responsibly. This is why Strategy and Sustainable Development go hand in hand both at a Group level but also at a local level. Group Strategy sets the overall future strategic direction and priorities, liaising with the businesses to understand their markets and needs. It’s then down to our senior leaders to make sure this is delivered within their core business. Yet we also work to ensure that our plans – however ambitious they might be – don’t undermine our commitment to making a positive impact to the societies, environment and communities in which we operate. That’s why our sustainable development principles are embedded in all we do.  

So if you’re looking for strategy and sustainable development vacancies in the travel industry, we offer a range of opportunities such as: Strategy Analysts; Sustainability Executives; Heads of Departments.

Marketing, Communications and PR

We take pride in our brands. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as an industry leader in sustainable development and we know that it’s this that will help us to continue to make travel experiences special for a long time to come. And whilst our customers know how good we are once they’ve holidayed with us, we want those that haven’t to understand just what we have to offer and appreciate what makes us so different. Our Marketing, Communications and PR Teams do a great job of building on our brand strengths (both internally and externally) through creative, distinct and innovative on and offline marketing and communications campaigns.

So if you’re looking for marketing, communications and PR vacancies in the travel industry,  we offer a range of opportunities such as: Internal and External Communications Executives and Managers; Social Media Managers; Copywriters;  PR Specialists; Heads of Departments and Directors; Marketing Analysts; Designers; Marketing Co-ordinators and Managers; Brand Managers; CRM Managers;  Content Managers; Project Managers and Market Researchers.

Human Resources

Our success is no accident. We employ the right people to do the right jobs - then we give them the right opportunities, training and development to make them want to stay. And that’s largely down to Human Resources who offer best practice advice on all HR-related issues, as well as providing a range of policies and procedures that add real value to the business.  HR is made up of six areas: Recruitment and Selection; Compensation and Benefits; Employee Relations; Learning and Development; Global Mobility and Administration.

So if you’re looking for HR vacancies in the travel industry, we offer a range of opportunities such as: HR Business Partners, HR Services professionals including Payroll & Administration, Labour Relations specialists, as well as Reward & Global Mobility, Talent & Resourcing, and Learning & Development.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support comes in many guises. You might be assigned to support a specific person or perhaps a whole department. You might be out on the front desk talking to customers and suppliers, or even in the back office. But whatever role you play and wherever you play it, you’ll be part of a vital support team that’s making all our efforts seem effortless. From diary management to visa administration, you’re the type of person that’s calm under pressure, meticulously organised, amicable and able to multi-task – no matter what you’re doing.

So if you’re looking for administrative support vacancies in the travel industry, we offer a range of opportunities such as: Administrative and Facilities Assistants, Front Desk/Receptionists, Executive Assistants, Secretaries, PAs and Couriers.